Welcome to Elemental Work

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Welcome to Elemental Work.

Therapeutic and Wellness Massage, Polarity Therapy and Reiki services

el•e•men•tal, ele'men(t)l/

  1. primary or basic.

  2. related to or embodying the powers of nature.

The modern world can be a hectic place, and living our modern lives can create some big demands. Balancing stress with an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your physical self can be beneficial to both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Bodywork like massage, Polarity and Reiki help bring us back into touch with our bodies, nurturing our physical and mental wellness.

Whether you are craving a relaxation and wellness focused session, have specific treatment goals in mind, or prefer a session that addresses both needs, I want to work with you to create a session plan that meets your individual needs for each individual session.

Let's foster reconnection to the here and now; allow for a moment of stillness.

Restore. Relax. Rejuvenate.

It's Elemental.


12 Revere St.
Portland, Maine 04103
(Year round)

Bustins Island
(June - September)


Portland: Tuesday-Friday, 10-6:30

Bustins Island:  Sat + Sun 10-5