Challenges and Change of Season

In my experience, the change of season from Winter to Spring always feels highly anticipated, hugely delayed and then very suddenly ARRIVED in a mad explosion of color and sound and scent, as though the birds, flowers and even the earth worms collaborate in a highly orchestrated, supremely delivered surprise. Though faith in the return of light and warmth might be all that drives me through the winter, that faith is always tested by the time spring truly arrives. This season was not different, and yet, it was.

Old things, ancient things stirred deep within, a part of myself returning, welcomed home at last.  My partner suggested a daily practice to reconnect with these energies, and the 30 day crystal grid challenge was born. 

I’m posting the photos on Elemental Work’s Instagram account @elementalmaine. Incorporating pieces from my crystal and mineral collection, bits of nature collected on my wanderings through Portland and the occasional quotes, these grids keep me focued, keep me planning, keep me creating and feeling through this seasonal shift. Come by IG and check out all 15 posts in the series so far and stay tuned for the grids still to come.