Polarity and Body Relationships


Polarity Therapy understands wellbeing to be a manifestation of the health of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Created by Dr. Randolph Stone, Polarity understands the energies around us and within us quite literally shape us. He created a system to help balance these energies to facilitate greater health, happiness and deeper connection to our spiritual source. Using energetically based body work, supported by easy stretching postures, dietary support for cleansing and building a healthy digestive system, and coaching around positive states of mind, Polarity creates an opportunity for a shift in our energies, opening up new possibilities for our wellness.

Polarity borrows an understanding of relationships between areas of the body from astrology and the relationships between the signs and the areas of the body that they rule. When addressing an imbalance in the Earth 🌏 energy, a Polarity practitioner might focus on areas of the body ruled by the three earth signs—Taurus ♉️ for the neck, Virgo ♍️ for the digestive system and Capricorn ♑️ for the knees. When addressing an imbalance of the urinary system, the Polarity practitioner can reflex the kidneys, associated with Libra, ♎️ an air element 🌪, to other areas ruled by air like the ankles (Aquarius ♒️) and the shoulders (Gemini ♊️).
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